Mr. Guruswamy and family

We find Srikon Healthcare very useful. We get 24 hrs medical advise over the phone whenever necessary and a monthly doctors visit which takes care of our medical management; Medical test (lab) and medicines which we get at subsidised rates. They maintain our health records.
Mrs. V. Guruswamy

SRIKON is one of the service "Healthcare Service" which is a rare servicer. They value not only they (their friend) but the patients as well. "That services are unique and commandile..."

Similar services are should be available for/to the senior citizens in other places also, they were be a time when the family doctor was very popular. Now SRIKON is the concept for senior citizen"
P.P.C. Joshi

SRIKON approach is holistic and homely. So that we feel comfortable and feel confident. They are providing prompt service with help of their servicer and lab facilitator.
Mrs. Joshi

Mr. Joshi and family