Why Srikon

SRIKON is a Hyderabad based Healthcare company introducing a unique primary care program, first time in India, where the primary objective is to re-introduce the concept of a Family Physician who would see an ailment of a person in the context of their family than the ailment itself. With the growth of multiple specialties and an increasing number of care providers, options often leave the patient confused. The model emphasises on "refer less and resolve more". There is an increasing need to develop unique care delivery model that focuses on improving and monitoring quality of care, better case-management and referral methodology with proper use of technology. We plan to develop software to maintain electronic medical records that help in report generation and epidemiological modeling for better case management.

SRIKON wishes to develop and foster physicians and health care teams that will provide medical care the way it is meant to be - assisting families in making informed decisions; following standard guidelines; discussing treatment options and providing adequate follow-up.

Our goal is to give reliable medical care that can be offered in the comfort of the patient's own home. In addition to the obvious economic and logistic advantages to the patients, home visits also help the physician to assess support systems of the patient, thereby aid in offering customized care options.

New paradigms in primary 

To build collaborative partnerships with families for personalized, proactive, evidence-based 
healthcare using technology 
for standardized and appropriate
care delivery at home.

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